10-port USB Charger Bus

$54.00 $77.00

This 10-port USB Charger Bus features a built-in cooling fan and cooling holes for superior heat dissipation. It supports up to a total of 120W output, with single port intelligent recognition of 5V2.4A (Max). It also has an indication function, with a 10-digit mobile phone/tablet holder for fast, convenient charging.



  • Type: Direct charge
  • Charging current: 2400 (mA)
  • Indication function: with indication function
  • Interface: USB
  • Product heat dissipation: built-in cooling fan with cooling holes on the side
  • Single port output: single port intelligent recognition 5V2.4A (Max)
  • Total power: total output 5V2.4A*10 120W
  • Charging scheme: intelligent identification + synchronous rectification + single port current limit + wide voltage
  • Product features: with 10-digit mobile phone/tablet holder

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