Automatic Pet Feeder

$56.00 $80.00

The Automatic Pet Feeder is a must-have for any pet owner. Its removable grain barrel and metal food tray make cleaning easy, while its infrared detection feature provides intelligent anti-feeding prevention. It can hold up to 39 servings per meal and has a 10-second recording feature to remind pets of meal times. Plus, a memory function ensures that the system automatically saves current feeding parameters in case of a power failure.



  • Grain Storage Barrel: Removable grain barrel, easy to clean
  • Applicable Food: 5mm-12mm dry food
  • Manual Feeding: Single feeding once, about 5g each time
  • Automatic feeding: Maximum 4 meals per day, maximum 39 servings per meal, approximately 5g
  • Record Tone: 10-second recording, automatically played before each meal
  • Anti-feeding Prevention: Iinfrared detection function, intelligent anti-feeding prevention
  • Food Basin: Metal food tray, easy to clean
  • Memory Function: In the case of power failure, the system automatically saves the current feeding parameters
  • Protection Function: Intelligent chip, automatic detection of motor stuck function, protection of motor

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