Baby Bottle Cosmetic Portable Disinfection Bag

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The Baby Bottle Cosmetic Portable Disinfection Bag is a dual-band nano disinfection package with LED light beads that efficiently disinfect cell phones, baby bottles, kitchenware, and more without harsh steam. Its rated input is 5V, with a size of 250*210*155mm and an ultraviolet wavelength of 254nm+185nm. It offers safe, long lasting environmental protection, free from harmful lead and phthalates, and its foldable design makes it perfect for travel.


  • Product Name: Dual Band Nano Disinfection Package
  • Product Model: HOTYSEN-XDB
  • Rated Input: 5v
  • Size: 250*210*155mm
  • Ultraviolet Wavelength: 254nm+185nm
  • Input Interface: USB
  • Lifetime of UV Lamp: 10000h
  • Temperature: Working Temperature (0-40C); storage temperature (-20-55'C)

    Key Benefits: 

    1. Multipurpose: LED lamp Can Work quickly and complete efficiently act, like: cell phone, Baby Bottle, Kitchenware and More without harsh steam,  
    2. Long-term& Safety Environmental protection: Long-lasting LED light beads instead water or chemicals needed. Free from harmful Lead and Phthalates more safety and more efficient than mercury lamp. 
    3. Portable Design: Portable convenience for travel, Fordable for save space and take along provide possibility with size 15.5x21x25cm  


    How to use

    A single button click starts the one-touch operation, where the transparent area reveals a deep purple light in cleaning mode with no light leaks. Practical and convenient, the automated cleaning cycle runs the complete process for you, helping you save time.

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