Baby Reborn Dolls Toy Kids Baby Doll Silicone

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This Baby Reborn Dolls Toy Kids Baby Doll is an incredibly realistic and lifelike doll made from high-quality silicone and plastic. It is designed for children 0-3 years old and features a closed eye design, implanted mohair hair, and a soft cloth body. The doll can sit or lie down, is waterproof for bath time fun, and is incredibly soft to the touch.



  • Modeling Category: People
  • Material: Silicone, Plastic/Plastic
  • Applicable Age: Infants (0-3 years old)
  • Eyes: Dolls with closed eyes, eyes cannot be opened
  • Hair: Implanted imported mohair, soft and delicate.
  • Material: Made of imported silicone, soft to the touch, soft without cloth body; if the all-plastic doll is too soft, the joints are easy to fall off; the doll can sit and lie down, not standing; the baby can bathe with the baby in the water

Packing list:

  • Glue soft doll toy*1

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