Eye Massager Electric Eye Protector Constant Temperature Hot Eye Head Massager

$59.00 $86.00

Rejuvenate your senses with our Eye Massager Electric Eye Protector. Enjoy the comfortable air pressure massage, multi-frequency vibration, far infrared hot compress, and head air pressure & acupuncture massage with its user-friendly skin-friendly leather and USB power supply. Improve your eye health with its constant temperature hot compress eye massage and head massage features.Experience soothing music with its internal TF card and LCD remote.



  • Skin-friendly material: skin-friendly leather
  • Shell technology: constant temperature hot compress eye
  • Massage principle: vibration
  • Power supply mode: USB
  • Colour: white + black
  • Specification: electric model
  • Function: Eye massage, eye protection, hot eye massage, head massage
  • Massage method: electric, constant temperature and hot compress eyes


  • Comfortable air pressure massage.
  • Multi-frequency vibration.
  • Far infrared hot compress.
  • Head air pressure & acupuncture massage
  • MP3 music. Internal TF card.
  • LCD remote controller.
  • Auto timing options (5 mins, 10 mins and 15 mins).
  • Size adjustable.
  • Dry battery.

Packing list:

  • Eye massager*1

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