Handheld Small Electric Portable Mini Juicer

$33.00 $43.00

Treat yourself to delicious, nutrient-dense smoothies every day. Our Handheld Small Electric Portable Mini Juicer easily extracts juice from all your favorite fruits and veggies at an incredible 21,001 RPM! Its four cutter head and food-grade plastic liner guarantee a safe and clean juicing experience, while its portable charging and automatic cleaning make it a hassle-free best friend! Make every day a juice day!



  • Function: Juicing
  • Speed: 22001 rpm and above
  • Type of Cutter Head: Four Cutter Head
  • Liner Material: PC Food Grade Plastic
  • Additional Features: Portable Charging, Automatic Cleaning

Packing list

  • Juicer*1

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