Ice Table Lamp Bedside Decoration Small Night Light

$39.00 $51.00

Discover a new level of relaxation in your bedroom with the Ice Table Lamp Bedside Decoration Small Night Light. The soothing bamboo wood, various colors, and glass body combine to create a warm, calming environment perfect for winding down.220V of voltage and tricolour light create a 5-8 ㎡ area of serenity you won't want to leave. Unwind with the Ice Table Lamp.



  • Lamp holder material: bamboo wood
  • Colours: ashtray lampshade - tricolour light, amber lampshade - tricolour light, ashtray lampshade - warm light, amber lampshade - warm light
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Exposure area: 5 ㎡ -8 ㎡
  • Lamp body material: glass
  • Light colour: tricolour light

Packing list: 

  • 1* Lamp

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