Kimpets Pet Cat Automatic Feeder Drinking Water Large Water Dispenser

$26.00 $37.00

Introducing the Kimpets Pet Cat Feeder - the perfect solution to keep your pet fed and hydrated in one convenient solution! With large capacity and dry & wet separation, this feeder is a must-have for your pet's wellbeing. Offer your furry friend a healthier lifestyle!

Widen the passage for grain production. Ensure smooth grain discharge

1 L water capacity + 2.2L food capacity

Water and grain are stored separately, ensuring that the grain is not affected by moisture

Siphon principle, automatic water outlet

Effectively filter pet hair

Food grade ceramic bowl that won't make cats' chins black

Raise the guardrail to prevent water splashing out. Dry wet separation to prevent food moisture

All detachable for cleaning

3 colors to choose from

Anti slip enlarged bottom. Prevent being knocked over

Detail display

1. Transparent window allows you to see the remaining grain quantity
2. The lid can stop the grain from flowing out
3. Widened the sink filter

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