Hand Massager Finger Joint Palm Wrist Mouse Hand Meridian Kneading Electric Massager

$46.00 $66.00

Reap the benefits of massage with the Manufacturer Hand Massager! This finger joint and palm wrist massager has a rechargeable power supply and computerised control to provide an effective kneading massage experience. Get relief from aches with the UMASSOR/Yomasuo brand, time-tested since 2020. Get the low-profile standard model item UMS-303 now!



  • Power Supply Mode: Rechargeable
  • Control Method: Computer Type
  • Brand: UMASSOR/Yomasuo
  • Time to Market: 2020
  • Item No.: UMS-303
  • Specifications: Low-profile Standard Models
  • Main Downstream Platforms: eBay | Amazon | Wish | AliExpress | Independent Station | LAZADA

Packing List:

  • Massager X1

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