Mewoofun 4-Levels Versatile Cat Climber Shelves Door Mounted Vertical Cat Tree

$112.00 $160.00

The Mewoofun 4-Levels Versatile Cat Climber Shelves is the perfect choice for cats living in small homes or apartments. It’s door-mounted, so it won’t take up much space. Its four levels feature lounging shelves for scratching, climbing, and napping – hours of safe fun for your cat! It fits doors with a thickness of 40/45mm and width of over 3mm. Give your cat the gift of comfort, fun, and exploration – get the Mewoofun Cat Climber now!


1. Space Saving Door Mounted Cat Shelves

Vertical door mounted cat tree takes a little space and is the best choice for small home or small apartment. Notice: Pls make sure Door Gap>3mm, Door Thickness is 40/45mm. ( PS: It is not suitable for Door Thickness>45mm or<40mm; If door thickness is between 40-45mm, after using our shim, then it will reduce shake)

2. 4-levels Platform Provides Hours of Entertainment

Cats have incredible jumping abilities, multi-levels activity area entertains and helps cats in physical training, they do enjoy running up and down, scratching it and hanging out on the shelves as well.

3. Sturdy & Well Made & Holding up Well

It is made of durable plywood and high-quality metal parts. Suitable for Cats<40lbs. Silicone non-slip stickers and screw hole stickers could reduce friction and protect the door.

 4. Easy to Assemble & Move

Just follow our english instruction manual to finish the assembly and attach to door easily. Easy to move from room to room.

 5. Perfect for Active and Height-loving Cats

Suitable for Cats<40lbs. The cat climber dimension is 22.3"Lx10.5"Wx67.3"H, net weight is 5kg/11lbs. Each carpeted platform dimension is . Give your cats 1-2 weeks to get used to it. ( You could place a few loved toys or treats on the top level to teach cats how to navigate the change between levels)

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