Microfiber Towel Car Interior Dry Cleaning Rag

$11.00 $19.00

These Non-Abrasive Microfiber Cleaning Towels can soak up water instantly without lint or streaks left behind. Clean with or without water, from autos, motorcycles, vans, trucks, and appliances to worktops, garages, and offices, and they will bring you a superior cleaning experience.

These Microfiber Towels can be used as car wash towels, window glass cleaning towels, car drying towels, auto polishing buffing towels, and finishing towel. They still can be car inside and outside detailing towels when used with all detailing sprays. They are good at waterless washing, quick detailing, compounding, sealant, glaze, and wax removal.


  • Type: Multifunctional Towel
  • Size: 30*30/40/60mm
  • Function: Car Cleaning, Windows Cleaning, Dishes Cleaning



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