New LS KS11 Mini Drone 4K Professional 8K Dual Camera Obstacle Avoidance Optical Flow Positioning Brushless RC Dron Quadcopter

$64.00 $92.00

Experience an immersive flight experience with the New LS KS11 Mini Drone! With an 8K wide-angle front lens, 4K professional dual cameras, and optical flow positioning, capture vivid HD images and videos. The drone also features a 3.7V 1800mah milliampere lithium battery for up to 18 minutes of flight time. Customise your journey with the one-button return, headless mode, and gesture control. Get creative with your drone flying today!

  1. Equipped with an 8K wide-angle WIFI lens at the front and an optical flow lens at the bottom, the New LS KS11 Mini Drone 4K Professional has servo pan and tilt stabilisation design plus EIS anti-shake technology, providing sharper photo lines.
  2. The drone features height-fixing mode, optical flow positioning, and stable flight.
  3. 3.7V 1800mah lithium battery boasts an 18-min life span.
  4. Customise the path. Design desired flight paths using the app.
  5. Remote control via app, one-button return, headless mode, up/down, forward/back, left/right motion.
  6. Gesture-controlled photography, opt. flow positioning, brushless motors, extended flight time, obstacle-avoiding system to protect from collisions.
  7. Brushless motor offers superior power and durability.
  8. If the connection is lost beyond the max control range, reestablishing the signal will enable the drone to be controlled again.
  9. Remote control alerts users when battery is low.
  10. At 145g, the mini drone is lightweight and meets the criteria for national aviation control (in certain nations, a UAV must surpass 250g or 210g to require certification/registration).
  11. 2.4GHz anti-interference and 6-axis gyro provide a smooth flight and convenient control.

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