Personalized Dog Harness

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Our customised canine harnesses provide perfect comfort and style. Design with hues, patterns, and sizes to suit a customised fit. Constructed from strong materials for dependable and pleasant wear. Equipped with robust buckles, adjustable straps, and reflective elements for safety. Order easily with our simplified online service. Swift shipping and customer service.



SUPER COMFORTABLE: This dog harness distributes pressure evenly across the body to reduce the risk of choking while pulling. The vest features an adjustable chest strap with snap-on buckle, allowing your pet to move freely while staying comfortable. Adjustments can be made as your dog grows, eliminating the need for frequent size changes.

STURDY HAND: This durable nylon handle enables pet owners to walk their furry companion from a distance while still preserving an intimate bond. Suitable for service dogs, this handle reduces the hassle of attaching a leash.

OUTDOOR SAFETY: Reflective straps provide improved visibility in dark conditions and additional safety on busy streets when leash is attached to the D-ring. This advanced harness is great for daily exercise, outings, training, outdoor activities, and much more.


  1. Please enter your information at check out or send us a message.
  2. Please leave us the name of your pet and phone number for engrave.
  3. For example: COCO - 07922 350625


1 pc x Personalised Dog Harness




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