Retro Bank Nostalgic Creative Desk Lamp

$98.00 $140.00

Experience the classic charm of a vintage era with this retro-style desk lamp. Crafted in 1898, it features a zinc alloy lamp holder painted with a high temperature antique colour and a church glass lampshade. It offers an E27 interface LED bulb or an ordinary tungsten filament bulb to light up your space. Perfect for any bedroom, study, living room, dining room, bar, coffee shop, KTV or teahouse, this unique piece measures 27CM in diameter and 39CM in height.


  • Size: Diameter 27CM * Height 39CM
  • Colour: Lamp Holder High Temperature Antique Colour
  • Craft: Ancient Handicraft in 1898
  • Material: Lampshade Church Glass, Lamp Holder Zinc Alloy.
  • Light Source: E27 interface LED bulb or ordinary tungsten filament bulb.
  • Wire Length: 1.5m from base to plug.
  • Application: Bedroom, Study, Living Room, Dining Room, Bar, Coffee Shop, KTV, Teahouse and other places

Package Content:

  • Lamp*1pc


1. The product's color may vary slightly from what is seen onscreen due to lighting conditions.
2. When purchasing this product, please be aware that the image may not accurately reflect the item's particular hue due to monitor differences.
3. Allow a slight margin when accounting for dimensions.

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