Skin Rejuvenation Facial Instrument

$87.00 $126.00

Experience the power of Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Instrument! This advanced device features 35W of power and is made of ABS material. With a power supply of 90V-240V, this device helps reduce wrinkles, firm skin and reverse the signs of aging with keying/touch mode. Get maximum power and maximum results with Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Instrument.



  • Material: ABS
  • Item No.: Ultrasonic Knife
  • Voltage: 110v-220v
  • Power: 35W
  • Power supply mode: plug in
  • Function: Facial firming and anti-aging
  • Maximum power: 35W
  • Power: 36W
  • Mode: keying/touch
  • Power supply: 90V-240V
  • Material: ABS
  • Single box size: 25*12*7cm
  • Gel size: 16.3*4.6*3.8cm
  • Built-in battery: none


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