Texture Bag Portable Boston Pillow

$38.00 $49.00

Experience superior comfort and convenience with the Texture Bag Portable Boston Pillow. Crafted with dark brown PVC, it features a large size and a color contrast to create a stylish Boston bag design. With its horizontal square shape, cover type opening method, and a width of 34.5CM, a height of 21.5CM, and a thickness of 14CM, this pillow offers superior comfort and convenience.



  • Colour: Dark Brown
  • Material: PVC
  • Bag Trend Style: Boston Bag
  • Bag Size: Large
  • Popular Elements: Colour Contrast
  • Luggage Shape: Horizontal Square
  • Opening Method: Cover Type

Size Information:

  • Width 34.5CM x Height 21.5CM x Thick 14CM

Package Contents:

  • Messenger bag X1

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